Friday, March 9, 2012

A Site to Cherish?

If we allow public range permits to be cancelled and bought out, slowly and surely, the below view will become a thing of the past in the west.  The very same views we aim to protect.  Who doesn't happen by a group of cowboys driving cattle without feeling a little nostalgic?  I live on a ranch, we are those cowboys and I still feel that way.  It's a piece of the American past.

We have a neighbor dealing with this very thing right now - Refuse to take the payout and you'll be pushed out.  Pretty scary if you ask me!  Often times, the reason for the buyout is to protect other wildlife residing on the same land.  Well, here's what I've witnessed.  Push out the cattle, stop the maintenance, think we can manage the land better than mother nature...
Well, have you ever drove by an abandoned house and noticed what the lot looks like when it's not maintained?  There you go.
We're the voters, we're the public, we have to protect ourselves or no one else will. 
Add to that, the cost of importing beef and we just plain can't afford it! 

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