Monday, March 29, 2010

Preserving Our Heritage

The heritage of the Great American West is slipping out from underneath us. Someone is tugging on the rug and trying to make America's public lands become government lands. I am dedicating a few minutes of my time, each day, to the research of this subject.

I am a mother, rancher's wife, ranch manager, ranch owner, cowgirl in training and taxi cab driver. I am also a veteran, who proudly volunteered to serve for this great country.

I have sometimes been referred to as a 'greenie' by my family. I believe in preserving mother nature, using our lands, but not abusing them. I feel a strong urge to pull two groups of people together; cattle ranchers and endangered species activist. Let us sit down together, as grown adults and devise a pros and cons list using only factual information. Once this list has been compiled, lets agree together on a strategy for saving our lands, animals and cowboys. We should make these decisions together, as citizens of a proud free country. Remember the dreams of our founding fathers and preserve our heritage.

The American Cowboy should be placed on the endangered species list and cattle need to be listed with them. Please share with me any experiences you might have regarding the cattle industry, ranching, farming, raising livestock, the endangered species list, the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service. I invite your input.

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